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2016 - 2017
School Policies, Procedures, & Enrollment Information Download Montessori Building Blocks 2016 - 2017 Policies Procedures & Enrollment


Children between the ages of 2 and 12 years will be considered for admission upon receipt of the following:

  • Non-refundable registration fee of $70.00
  • Immunization Form (all immunizations must be current!)
  • Health Assessment

Enrollment requires a scheduled tour. Please call (801) 964-6649 for an appointment.


Preschool/Kindergarten Sessions:Morning 9:00 to 12:00

Extended Care: 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM (between 5 to 10 hours is considered full time). A late charge for after 6:00 PM pick up is $1.00 per minute, per child, to be paid directly to the teacher kind enough to stay late.


Children are to be signed in and out each day by a parent or authorized legal guardian as listed on the Enrollment Agreement, with a valid driver’s license. In case of an emergency a parent or legal guardian may call to arrange for somebody else to pick-up their child by using their code word listed on their Enrollment Agreement. Any other exceptions must be made in writing by parent or authorized legal guardian.

Daily attendance policy is as follows: Children enrolled in our Morning or Full Day programs will be expected to be here by 9:00 AM. If your child will be arriving later than that you will need to call the school and inform us of a later arrival or absence. Any child that we have not heard from and are not in attendance by 10:00 AM will be considered absent for that day and not allowed to be dropped off at any point later that day.


If this is the first time your child has ever been separated from you, it is natural for the child to be hesitant. A cheerful good-bye, a smile, and a reassuring word that you will return after work will go a long way. Usually the child settles down shortly after the parent leaves. Many activities are available to help ease your child through this transitional period. PLEASE DO NOT SNEAK OUT WHEN YOUR CHILD IS NOT LOOKING. Try to establish a routine arrival time as this allows continuity to your child’s day. Our morning classes start at 9:00 AM. It is very important that your child be here by then if they are enrolled for the morning session or are enrolled full time.


Tuition is due the first day of each month and payable in advance. If your tuition has not been received by the 7th day of each month, and prior arrangements have not been made with us, there will be a $50.00 late fee. If full tuition and the late fee are not received by the 20th day of the month and prior arrangements have not been made with the director, your child will not be admitted to school until it is paid in full. Receipts will be given for all cash payments and for payments by check upon request. Cash or a money order will be required as payment from a returned check, along with a $30.00 fee. If a returned check is not paid within one week of notification, your account will be considered unpaid and appropriate actions will be taken, i.e., referral to a collection agency, termination, etc. Your account may be put on a cash only basis after two returned checks. In the event payment under the agreement is not made at the time and manner required, the undersigned on the enrollment agreement agrees to pay all cost of collection, including attorney fees, court costs, including charges and collection agency fee which would be 35% of the balance assigned, with or without suit.

Discounts are available! If full tuition is paid before the first day of the month a $10.00 discount will apply. Also, there is a 10% group discount off of total tuition if a single family concurrently enrolls two or more children.

We appreciate your business! We would love to extend our service to your friends and family, so please spread the word! $25.00 will be credited to your account for each referral that results in a new enrollment. MONTHLY TUITION REMAINS AS SPECIFIED REGARDLESS OF VACATIONS OR ABSENCES.


State regulations require that all children have current immunizations. We will inform you of what immunizations your child is missing and it is your responsibility to get them caught up as soon as possible. If you do not do so in a timely manner, your child will not be eligible for school admission until immunizations are made current.


Please keep your child at home when they are ill. If your child has a fever, diarrhea, eye infection, vomiting or communicable disease, she/he is ill. A sick child at school will be isolated and must be picked up immediately. It is important that an alternative emergency number be provided to us in case you can’t be reached. Children who are unable to participate in outside play because of illness should not be at school. IF YOUR CHILD IS TOO SICK TO BE OUTSIDE THEN SHE/HE IS TOO SICK TO BE AT SCHOOL.


All medications to be administered at school must be in an original container. If you are concerned about forgetting the medication at the end of the day, your pharmacist will provide another bottle with the typed prescription if you request it. Medication permission forms must be completed for each medication to be administered. All medication is stored in a locked cabinet, in a separate designated location, in the refrigerator, where it is inaccessible to children.

Our sunscreen policy is as follows: We can apply sunscreen before the afternoon recess but if your child has sensitive skin you may want to bring in your own sunscreen. We cannot apply sunscreen first thing in the morning or on field trips. We ask that all families apply sunscreen to their child every morning and we can re-apply it in the afternoon.


Our teachers maintain a watchful eye at all times but injuries do happen. When they do, depending on the nature of the injury, these steps will be taken:

  1. Severe: 911 will be called; Parents will be notified; Appropriate measures will be taken.
  2. Medium severity: Parents will be called to decide the course of action.
  3. Minor: Incident reports will be written, stating course of action taken, (i.e. Band-Aid, applied ice, etc.)


Morning snack is usually made in the classroom between 10:00 and 11:00 AM. Afternoon snack is at 3:30 PM. Menus are posted in the entry. You may be asked to help provide treats for birthday parties, formal snack, and other celebrations. These treats must be bought and commercially packaged, as homemade treats are a violation of The State Health Department. If your child needs to have a lunch item kept cold please place an ice pack in their lunch box. If a lunch item needs to be warmed, please let the teacher know ahead of time.


All children are taught to wash their hands before and after eating and toileting. This helps reduce the factors that cause infection and disease. This practice encourages positive sanitation habits in later developmental stages. We also ask all children to wash hands upon arrival and before departure.


We charter private bus services for our field trips.


Field trips will be held throughout the year, in “good weather” months. You will receive advance notice. There will be some expense to you. Please don’t keep a child home from a trip or a special activity, because of financial difficulty. Contact the director if this situation arises. To be in compliance with school safety policies, school shirts will be required on all school outings, along with a signed permission form, anytime we leave the school.


Children should be dressed in comfortable clothes so they can sit on the floor, or outdoors on the soft fall (grass). Please dress your child so she/he can easily use the bathroom. All removable clothing (i.e. coats, sweaters, etc.) should be labeled on the inside with your child’s name. All children need an extra set of cloths that will remain in their backpack in case your child has an accident. In winter please be sure to send coats and hats as we still go outside during the winter season.


We accept diapered and potty training children at an additional cost. Children who have three or more accidents a week are not considered potty trained. If your child is in pull-ups they are not considered potty trained. If you choose to start potty training your child and put them in underwear please be aware that we can’t rinse out their underwear in school toilets. It’s up to the teacher working in the classroom to continue potty training with underwear after two accidents. Parents are responsible for checking and keeping diaper bag supplied with enough diapers and wipes to last through a full day. If your supply of diapers/wipes runs out then we’ll use the school supply at additional cost (diapers $5.00 each). Diapers and wipes will be stored in the child’s bathroom. All children must start out their school day with a fresh diaper, pull-up, or underwear.


There will be an adequate rest period during the day for those who attend school for an extended day. All children, five years old and younger, have to participate in nap time. If they don’t fall asleep after twenty minutes of rest time they will be allowed to get up and join the older children. Please provide a small blanket, labeled with your child’s name. Blanket and all nap items must be taken home once a week to be laundered.


Cubbies are designed for two children to a cubby, therefore we ask that all clothes, nap items, any loose items and blankets please be contained in a bag of some kind. (Backpacks work great! ☺) Children not staying for extended care may hang their backpacks on hooks located next to the bathrooms. Children enrolled for extended care will be assigned a hook and a cubby.


Public school closures are announced on early morning news broadcasts. In case of severe weather we will be closed whenever the Granite District schools are closed.


The classroom environment is already a very stimulating environment, so please don’t bring additional toys from home. The one exception is “Show and Tell” which is the last day of your child’s week. Your child is always welcome to bring books, plants, rocks, DVD’s, flowers, or articles in relation to what we are studying in class.


There is a file in the entry, with a folder inside, for each child. You are welcome to take home any papers you find under your child’s name. Do not expect a significant quantity of paper, as the amount of work done by a child does not relate at all to the learning that is taking place in the classroom. Your child’s work is important to them, so please respect and notice the papers they do bring home.


There are a lot of materials in our classroom that have small parts and sometimes find their way into small pockets. To help keep our equipment complete, please return anything that might belong to the classroom.


You are welcome to come and visit our school at any time. Please conduct yourself in a quiet manner so as not to disturb the children’s work. Please do not attempt long conversations with the teacher during primary hours. If you need additional time to speak with the teacher, beyond that of drop-off and pick-up times, please call and we will make an appointment. Please be aware that smoking and the use of alcohol are strictly prohibited in the facility and on facility property.


We encourage open communication between parents, teachers, and the director. When we are made aware of problems, it helps to make our school a better place for all of the children. We are constantly evaluating our staff and our programs to offer the best resolutions possible. Bad language or disrespect from the children is prohibited. In the case of behavioral problems we will gladly work with both parents and the child to correct the child’s behavior, but we request that the parent(s) also put forth effort in finding an appropriate solution. We are under no obligation to keep any child in the center. If we ask any parent to withdraw their child from the center, we will refund the balance of the month’s tuition.


We have one charity drive, each year, usually in the spring. We have chosen St. Jude’s Cancer Research Hospital, which helps children with or without ability to pay. It is a good experience for the children to reach out unselfishly to others in need.


We hire a photographer, twice a year, to come take pictures. The first session occurs in spring, to be ready in time for Mother’s Day. The second session is in the fall, to be ready for the holiday season. Anyone can come in on picture day to have his or her pictures taken during these sessions.


In the event of an emergency that requires us to evacuate the building, the following two evacuation sites will be used in order of preference, and according to availability:

  1. Medical Building (the building next-door, to the north of our school)
  2. Taylorsville High School (across the street, east side of Redwood Road)
    5225 S. Redwood Road.
    (385) 646-5455


All parents have the right to look at our copy of the licensing standards at any time. You also have the right to look at our copy of the policies and procedures that govern all the rules and policies at Montessori Building Blocks, LLC. These are available by request.

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